Welcome to Tsogo Sun Gaming Academy 

  General Information

There are four different course categories within the learning online platform.

  1. Skills Courses, these are learning modules for you to perform your current role within Tsogo Sun Gaming, 
  2. Development Programmes, these are programmes that have been specifically developed for employees that have been identified as future leadership talent within Tsogo Sun Gaming,
  3. Resource Library, this contains tools and applications which include a library of manuals and "how to" guides that you will have at your disposal to perform specific tasks within Tsogo Sun Gaming.
  4. Quality Management System, this contains the Tsogo Sun Gaming Academy's QMS policy and procedures documentation.

Select the Course Category icon below i.e. Skills Courses, then select the Course Sub-Category i.e. General Skills Courses and then the Course you are enrolled for i.e SuperLearning.

Below the icons, listed under the My Courses heading, are the courses available to you. Select a course and begin your journey!


Icon indicates of files available for download and possible offline reading.

Icon refers to an exercise and notes that would need to be completed from the workbook.

Icon refers to online assignment that would need to be done and user will receive a mark when finished.

This icon refers to an important note in the section which should be memorised.

Icon is used where video content is available and it links to the relevant site.